Sravana Best Sound Centre

Sravana, one of the best Speech & Hearing Centre in Kottayam, established in the year of 1995. In day-to-day life, communication is very much important. Our main aim is to provide the best remedy for speech and hearing disabilities. The efficient team in Sravana are excellent for treating communication disorders. We provide the best treatment to improve the communication of patients through well training and counseling.

Sravana means “Hearing”. In order to overcome healing deafness/hearing impairment, introducing Sravana Best Sound Centre. We are celebrating the 25th anniversary of Sravana. As a part of the celebration, an exclusive showroom of Siemens hearing aid is conducted. Also happy to announce that this is the Siemens 167th branch. People suffering from hearing disabilities can be overcome by the best treatment provided by the great expertise in Sravana. They offer the world of better hearing. The best products of Sravana are Styletto, Motion 13 Nx, Pure 312, Marshall Portable Bluetooth, Pure Charge&Go Nx, Insio, Beats Solo2 Solo 2 etc. The hearing care professionals in Sravana Best Sound definitely help you to choose the right hearing aid for you. So don't bother about your hearing and appearance, Sravana is a trusty partner to you.

The centre was begun under the supervision of Mrs. Susan Mathew, an accomplished Audiologist and Speech Pathologist. Mr. Biju Alex Mathew, who is a Partner at the Sravana Speech & Hearing Centre and a trained expert at fitting Digital Hearing Aids. He is also certified professional with certifications from international organizations. Sravana's latest Modern Digital Hearing Aids easily helps people to overcome their hearing impairment. For more details contact us : Cheeroth Building, Vayasakarakunnu Lane, Pulimood Jn.Kottayam-686 001